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Provisional Divisions 2003/2004 Season

Division 1

Wellesbourne , Colebridge A , Colebridge B , Whitnash A , Whitnash B , WCC A , Flavels , BGN 'A' , St Georges A , St Georges B, Free Church 'A'

Divison 2

BGN B , WCC B , RNA A , RNA B , RNA C , Free Church B , Free Church C , Eathorpe A , AP Sports A , Riverhouse A, Marconi , St Georges C

Division 3

WCC C , RNA D , AP Sports B , Eathorpe B , Free Church D , GEC Rugby Tennis Club , FISSC A , Standard Photo , Ashorne

Division A

FISSC B , FISSC C , Riverhouse B , Eathorpe C , Free Church E , Free Church F , Free Church G

Divison B

Eathorpe D , Eathorpe E , Free Church H , Free Church I , Free Church J , Free Church K , St Georges D

Division C

Free Church L , Free Church M , Eathorpe F , Eathorpe G , LCP Learners , LCP Groovers , LCP Packers , LCP Dreamers

Riverhouse, organised by Steve Shaw, make a welcome return. Its division 2 team is based on the players from a previous RNA team and it is also entering a team in the 2 aside.

The application by GECRTC prompted the Committee to consider whether the league should admit teams based in Rugby. The12 mile radius of Leamington league's area was found to go through Rugby so that western Rugby is in the area and eastern Rugby outside. The Committee thought it would not be sensible to decide applications by taking measurements down to the last few hundred yards. It therefore agreed to admit clubs based within the main town of Rugby and if any were technically outside the limit to allow them special registration as permitted by the rules. GECRTC will be a welcome addition to division 3.

LCP are a firm on the Sydenham Estate but will play at Radford. They are newcomers to league table tennis and so asked to be placed in the lowest division. Their team names (Learners, Packers, Groovers and Dreamers) are certainly more imaginative than the rather staid A, B, C etc adopted by most clubs.

There are still places avalaible in Divison 1 , Divison 3*3 , Divison A and Divison B. Any clubs that may wish to enter another team are asked to contact Malcolm MacFarlane ASAP