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This page contains links to those sites most likely to be of interest to members. A more comprehensive list is contained on the ETTA site links page.

If that does not contain a link to the site you want then your best bet is Terry Canup's site. This does its best to provide a link to every table tennis website in the world.

National And International Associations

International Table Tennis Federation

European Table Tennis Union

English Table Tennis Association

Irish Table Tennis Association

Malta Table Tennis Association

Table Tennis New Zealand

Scottish Table Tennis Association

Sweden Table Tennis Association

United States Table Tennis Association

Wales Table Tennis Association

Veterans English Table Tennis Society, England

English Table Tennis Association, West Midlands Region

English Table Tennis Association, East Midlands Region


Great Britain League Sites

Aldershot League

Basingstoke & District Table Tennis League

Bromley League, England

Battle & District Woolwich Table Tennis League

Birmingham and District Table Tennis League

Crewe & District Table Tennis League

Milton Keynes TTL, England

North West Kent League, England

Nuneaton League, England

Oldham Table Tennis League, England

Worcester and District League


Great Britain Club Sites

Lillington Free Church TTC, England

Grove Table Tennis Club, England

Ormesby Table Tennis Club, England

Sutton-at-Hone Table Tennis Club, England

Uxbridge Table Tennis Club

  Hereford Table Tennis Club

Equipment, News And Technical Sites

BS Table Tennis

Denis' Table Tennis World

Juic Internet Magazine

Lynn's Table Tennis World

Table Tennis Links - Canupnet

  Bribar Table Tennis

Tees Sport Catalog

Other Sites


Birmingham and District Table Tennis League