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Press Reports 2006/07

Reports of league matches are printed in the Courier, the Observer, the Stratford Herald and the Mid Week Pink edition of the Coventry Evening Telegraph. These are compiled from the match cards which teams are asked to submit promptly and annotate with any interesting details about the match. The Press Officer welcomes reports from other competitions involving Leamington league players for publication. Reports can be submitted by email (preferred), post or phone. The Press Officer also welcomes photos (in print form) which these papers are often prepared to publish. The Press Officer and sports editors all work to tight deadlines and errors inevitably occur occasionally.

The sports editors (who do a splendid job) sometimes shorten or omit reports for reasons of space. They often reword reports and always choose their own headlines. If you would like to read the reports as submitted by the Press Officer they are reproduced below.

Week Beginning

Leamington Reports

2/10/2006 4/12/2006 19/2/2007 23/4/2007
9/10/2006 11/12/2006 26/2/2007 30/4/2007
16/10/2006 18/12/2006 5/3/2007  
23/10/2006 8/1/2007 12/3/2007  
30/10/2006 15/1/2007 19/3/2007  
6/11/2006 22/1/2007 26/3/2007  
13/11/2006 29/1/2007 2/4/2007  
20/11/2006 5/2/2007 9/4/2007  
27/11/2006 12/2/2007 16/4/2007