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Promotion and relegation in the 2 aside divisions

At present the two aside divisions A, B and C have 12, 6 and 12 teams respectively. This is because the majority of teams asked to be put in either the top or bottom divisions. However this is causing problems in relation to fixtures and venues. Where two teams want to share a venue they have to be given numbers 6 apart in the fixture chart so that one is always away when the other is at home. This works even if the teams are in different divisions provided the divisions all use the same fixture chart. Having one of the divisions using a different fixture chart from the others means the system does not work for teams in that division paired with teams in another division. For this reason the Executive Committee has decided that when the 2 aside divisions are reformed after Christmas they will all use the 12 team chart. This will be achieved by altering the number of teams promoted and relegated as follows:- Division A - 3 teams relegated Division B - 1 team promoted and 1 team relegated Division C - 3 teams promoted. The change will also mean that there will be vacancies available in Divisions A, B and C for new teams to join after Christmas if they wish. The Executive Committee agreed that this decision should be publicised now so that all teams knew where they stood.