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LEAGUE INDEX - 3 A SIDE DIVISIONS (Spring Competition)


Chart No. Team Match Night
1 Whitnash A Wednesday
2 St Georges A Monday
3 RNA C Tuesday
4 Free Church A Tuesday
5 Colebridge A Tuesday
6 WCC A Tuesday
7 Whitnash B Wednesday
8 St Georges B Tuesday
9 Marconi (Coventry) Wednesday
10 Wellesbourne Tuesday
11 Colebridge B Tuesday
12 Flavels Friday


Chart No. Team Match Night
1 RNA B Monday
2 St Georges D Tuesday
3 -  
4 Free Church C Wednesday
5 RNA A Wednesday
6 AP Sports A Wednesday
7 Eathorpe A Tuesday
8 WCC B Wednesday
9 Riverhouse Henley A Wednesday
10 Free Church B Tuesday
11 -  
12 BGN B Wednesday


Chart No. Team Match Night
1 Eathorpe B Tuesday
2 Free Church Z Friday
3 FISSC A Monday
4 LCP Spartans Wednesday
5 WCC C Monday
6 AP Sports B Wednesday
7 Free Church D Monday
8 Standard Photographic Wednesday
9 RNA D Tuesday
10 Whitnash C Thursday
11 Ashorne Wednesday
12 St Georges C Wednesday


LEAGUE INDEX - 2 A SIDE DIVISIONS (Spring Competition)


Chart No. Team Match Night
1 Free Church E Monday
2 St Georges F Monday
3 Free Church I Tuesday
4 Riverhouse Henley B Thursday
5 Eathorpe C Thursday
6 Eathorpe F Thursday
7 Free Church H Wednesday
8 Rugby check with secretary - Mon (8:00 Start) or Wed(6:30 Start)
9 Free Church G Tuesday
10 LCP Dreamers Tuesday
11 Eathorpe D Thursday
12 Free Church F Monday

Teams playing Rugby Away should contact Rugby ASAP to agree a date for the match


Chart No. Team Match Night
1 Eathorpe H Tuesday
2 LCP Groovers Thursday
3 Free Church L Tuesday
4 LCP Packers Tuesday
5 Free Church K Wednesday
6 Eathorpe I Thursday
7 Eathorpe E Tuesday
8 St Georges E Tuesday
9 Free Church M Tuesday
10 LCP Inkers Wednesday
11 Free Church J Wednesday
12 Eathorpe G Thursday

New Team Details

Division 3
Free Church D Peter Rourke

1 Villiers Street, Leamington Spa
Tel: 456218(B) 311338(H)

Venue: Free Church Youth Centre, Cubbington Road, Lillington

Free Church Z Mike Skidmore

15 Hughes Close, Woodloes Park, Warwick. CV34 5FA. Tel: 464770 (W) 494445 (H)

Venue Radford Headquarters, Lewis Road, Radford Semele

Division A
Rugby Ian Randle

20 Deacon Close, Rugby, CV22 5AQ
Tel: 01788 568145

Venue: Rugby Table Tennis Centre of Excellence, The Griffin Centre, Clifton Road, Rugby CV21 3AG

Venue phone number: (01788) 542074

Division B
Free Church L Russell Spencer

11 Meadow Close, Lillington, L. Spa, CV32 7AS.
Tel: 883889 (H)

Venue Bishops Tachbrook School, Kingsley Road,
Bishops Tachbrook

Free Church M Phil John

37 Warwick Road, Southam, L. Spa
Tel: 811085(H)

Venue Bishops Tachbrook School, Kingsley Road,
Bishops Tachbrook

Eathorpe I Brian Yeates

13 Fosse Way, Princethorpe CV23 9QH
Tel: 632585 (H)

Venue: Village Hall, Eathorpe