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National Junior League 2003 - 2004

Day 1 - Saturday 8th November
At the 1st day of the National Junior League held at Rugby on the 8th November , 3 Leamington league players were involved representing Banbury . Richard Grover spearheaded the A teams challenge in Division A along with Rhys Martindale and Daniel Shurrock . Overall they finished the day in 2nd place having beaten Bedford Modern and Northampton 7-2 but losing to eventual winners Colebridge Aces 7-2 . Overall Richard finished the day with just 2 loses (6/8 75%) losing only to Warwickshire Junior representatives Navinder Matharu and Chris Burgess . The 'B' team comprising brothers Michael and Daniel Rowan along with Joe Davies and Alex Boyd finished in 3rd place in Division B. Despite only losing the 1 match to Colebridge Braves they finished 3rd behind Cliffedale Chandlers Boys due to their worse sets difference record . Daniel Rowan won 5/8 62% and brother Michael was unbeaten having only played 2 games
Day 1 Results , League Tables and Averages

Day 2 - Saturday 13th December

Day 2 day of the National Junior League was at held at Rugby on the 13th December. 2 Leamington League players competed for Banbury 'A' team , Richard Grover and Daniel Rowan along with Daniel Shurrock . Competing in division 1 they beat ClIffedale Chandlers Boys 5-1 , BGN 'B' 4-2 , drew 3-3 with Colebridge Braves and lost 4-2 to Northampton and 6-0 to Colebridge Aces . Richard Grover won 6/10 matches and Daniel Rowan 3/9 . The B team though finished bottom and so are relegated back to the bottom division for the final 2 sessions of the season , the next being on Saturday 7th February
Day 2 Results , League Tables and Averages

Day 3- Saturday 7th February Junior Open Tournament

With 5 teams having qualified for the regional finals of the English Schools Championships a junior open tournament was held instead of the usual team matches . Richard Grover was therefore unsurprisingly the only Leamington junior playing but he enjoyed a fairly successful day losing only 2 matches . In the preliminary round Richard finished 2nd on countback in a group of 3 after everybody had won one lose one . In the 2nd round of group matches for people coming 2nd in the morning Richard finished 2nd again on countback . As the top 3 players Michael George , Matthew Burgess (both Northampton) and Richard had both one won and lost one in 5 against each other , sets difference involving everybody in the group applied was calculated . Michael had a 14-7 difference and Richard and Matthew both 14-5 so it was left to the results between the 2 which saw Matthew Burgess qualify to take on the runner up of the winners group for overall 2nd place. The event was won by Chris Burgess of Colebridge

Day 4- Saturday 3rd April 

BGN 'A' were at full strength for the final session of the season with the team being Richard Grover , Rhys Martindale and Daniel Shurrock . BGN 'A' Drew 3-3 with Northampton in the 1st match of the day Richard Grover 1 Daniel Shurrock 2 . They then Lost 5-1 to Colebridge Aces with Rhys Martindale prevent the whitewash and securing what turned out to be a vital point. Going into the final matches BGN 'A' needed to beat Colebridge Braves 4-2 and hope Northampton lost 6-0 to Colebridge Aces or it the Aces won 5-1 BGN also had win 5-1 to secure the runners up position . Aces won 5-1 and so at 4-0 up against the Braves BGN looked favorites to take the runners up spot requiring only 1 of the remaining 2 sets or alternatively 2 more ends to have more ends than Northampton . Unfortunately Daniel Shurrock lost 3-0 to Tom Hearne and so it was left to Rhys Martindale to take 2 sets or beat Scott Danter to secure second place but unfortunately he lost 3-1 and Northampton took the 2nd place having scored more end in their match against BGN 'A'  .Colebridge Aces took the title thanks to Navinder Matharu , Chris Burgess and John Harrison